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Thinking of Heading for the Hill?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Our company name 'Head for the HIll' has been carefully selected to reflect our passion and commitment to helping to develop a growth mindset in all our customers. Heading towards the hill requires the participant to prepare themselves to take on the physical and mental challenges the hill may present. Developing a 'head for the hill' then requires the participant to adapt to changing situations; to show perseverance and resilience when the going gets tough and to be aware of and supportive to the needs of others in the group. Experiencing the need for these interpersonal skills to be applied in any number of challenging situations and then having to utilise them will help to build confidence, preparing and inspiring individuals to overcome any future 'real life' challenge that life may throw their way.

In a world currently dominated by data and targets, such human attributes can easily be overlooked. Head for the HIll's mission is to bring them to the fore, develop the skill and confidence of our clients through various adventurous challenges and help people to understand how they can dig deep and discover their true potential.

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